Sep 27

720P HD Mini Car and Dash Camera with 16x Zoom and Motion Detection Product Review

In today’s product spotlight, we’re taking a look at the 720P HD Mini Car and Dash Camera with 16x Zoom and Motion Detection. This small but powerful dash camera was just added to our product lineup, and is already proving to be a hot seller.


Like most dash cameras and car cameras, this camera is powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter. What makes this particular dash cam unique is that it also has a battery backup, so that it provides up to 2 hours of battery life without needing to be plugged in.

Video is recorded at 720P High Definition (1280×720) resolution, and is extremely clear. As you can tell from the sample videos, you can easily read signs and even license plates.

There are multiple recording modes so you can get the exact footage you need:

  • Loop Recording – The default setting allows you to record whenever your vehicle is powered on
  • On-Demand Recording – Record only when you need to at the push of a button
  • Photo Mode – In Photo mode, you can take still photos instead of recording videos
  • Audio Only Mode – With this mode you can just record audio without the video


720P High Definition Recording – Record crystal clear 720P HD video with this dash camera so that you can clearly see everything going on – and even read license plates – perfect for investigations

Multiple Recording Modes – As mentioned above, the various user-selectable recording modes allow you to capture exactly the video type and quality that you need.

Adjustable Settings – With the 2.7″ LCD screen, you’ll be able to easily view and adjust a dozen different settings, including video resolution, exposure, quality, file length, and much more

On Screen Playback – View your recorded video files, photos, and even listen to your recordings right on the 2.7″ LCD color screen

Digital Zoom – With the built in 16x digital zoom, you can use the up and down arrow keys on the side of the dash camera to zoom in on exactly what’s important

Wide Viewing Angle – This dash camera features a 120 degree wide angle for maximum visibility.


Overall, the 720P HD Mini Car and Dash Camera with 16x Zoom and Motion Detection is one of our most full-featured dash cameras. With it’s 720P HD recording, small size, easy-to-use on-screen settings and configuration and playback, this dash cam is packed with features and benefits usually reserved for car cameras twice it’s price.

Whether you need a dash camera to record your daily driving activities, your fleet vehicles, long-haul trucking, or just to get a discount on your insurance (where applicable), this dash camera is soon to be one of our top selling camera products.

Sep 05

Product Spotlight: LawMate Professional Grade PV-AC12 AC Adapter DVR for 12V Wired Cameras


Today we’re taking a look at a brand new LawMate™ brand product, the LawMate™ PV-AC12 AC Adapter DVR Video Recorder for 12V Cameras. This device looks very similar to the popular AC Adapter Hidden Camera by LawMate, but with one big difference – the PV-AC12 connects to any standard 12V camera, and turns any wired camera into an all-in-one recording system.

As you can see in the diagram below, there are two connectors to connect your 12V camera – the video input, and the power input. This means that there is no other additional power or cables necessary to turn your wired camera into an all in one DVR recorder with the new PV-AC12:

LawMate PV-AC12


Pinhole Spy Camera

As mentioned above, you can connect virtually any standard 12V camera to the PV-AC12 to turn it into an all-in-one recording system.

All you need to do is connect the camera’s video output and power input to the PV-AC12 as shown in the diagram above. One of the most popular cameras to connect to this DVR recording system is the Mini Pinhole Hidden Camera pictured to the right:

This mini pinhole spy camera connects in seconds, and can be hidden anywhere, or inside virtually any object – a book, tissue box, photo frame, or almost anywhere. The entire camera size is approximately 1″ by 1″, but only the pinhole itself needs to be visible to record.

While the pinhole camera is the most popular camera to use with the PV-AC12, you can also use any standard 12V camera, including the following cameras:


Works with Any 12V Camera – No matter what 12V wired camera you have, you can connect it to the PV-AC12 video input and power connection, and turn it into an all-in-one covert video recording system.

High Resolution 720×480 Video – Record in high resolution video, at 720×480 resolution at 30 frames per second, which will give you clear color video to let you know what is going on when you aren’t around.

Adjustable Recording Settings – With the included IR remote control you can adjust the various recording settings, including switching between motion-detection and continuous recording, as well as the file length, and motion-detection sensitivity. You can also set a time/date stamp on the video.

View Playback on TV – Included in the box are RCA connection cables which allow you to connect the camera system to your TV (via RCA input) so that you can not only adjust the settings (as mentioned above) but also watch your video playback.

PC and Mac Compatible – Video files recorded by the PV-AC12 are in a standard AVI format, meaning you can play them back on any PC or Mac computer without any special software needed.


By combining the LawMate™ PV-AC12 AC Adapter DVR Video Recorder with a wired camera (like the pinhole camera above), you’ll be able to create an all-in-one video recording system that can go anywhere. The recorder is easy to use, and allows you to play back videos easily on both PC and Mac computers, as well as directly on a TV with no PC required. And just like all of our LawMate hidden cameras, this device comes back with a full 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support from our experienced product advisers.

Sep 04

New Product Release: 720P HD Battery Pack Hidden Camera with Motion Activated Recording


Battery Pack Hidden CameraThis week we are excited to introduce the 720P HD Motion Activated Battery Pack Hidden Camera. This innovative spy camera looks like a regular battery pack (and also functions as one), but conceals a high definition pinhole camera lens.

Videos are recorded via motion-activation, and are saved to a removable micro SD card. This allows the videos to be played back on both PC and Mac computers – and can even be emailed or uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites.

The Battery Pack Hidden Camera is a versatile camera that can go anywhere – home, office, or even a vehicle. The internal rechargeable battery can last for up to 10 hours of video recording, making it ideal for long-term covert video recording. Just place it wherever you need and the camera will record whenever it detects motion.


Long Life Battery – Unlike some battery powered cameras that can only last 4-5 hours, this hidden camera can last double that – approximately 10 hours on a full charge. This makes it idea for long-term use in your home, office, retail store, or wherever you need it.

720P HD Video Recording – The Battery Pack Hidden Camera features 720P HD recording. Out of all the cameras we carry, the video quality for this camera is one of the best – the quality outperforms many cameras at 2 to 3 times it’s price!

Adjustable Recording Modes – Switch between motion-activated recording, or continuous-recording modes. This adjustable option lets you customize the recording to your exact needs.

PC and Mac Compatible – Because the videos are recorded to a standard AVI format, any Windows PC or Macintosh computer will be able to play them. While any standard media player should play them, we recommend VLC Media Player, as it has the latest video codecs for smooth file playback.


The low price combined with the crystal-clear high quality 720P HD recording makes the Battery Pack Hidden Camera with Motion Activated Recording a great hidden camera for either personal or business use. It’s long battery life gives it the ability to last a full day’s worth of recording, and the fact that it functions as a working charger for any USB device helps make this camera blend in virtually anywhere.

Aug 26

Battery Powered Outdoor Electrical Hidden Camera with 3 Year Battery Life Product Review


Electrical Outlet Hidden CameraToday we’re taking a look at the Battery Powered Outdoor Electrical Hidden Camera with 3 Year Battery Life. This impressive hidden camera is packed with features and is one of our most popular outdoor spy cameras.

Whether you need to protect your home, office, a warehouse, or even a construction site, this long-life hidden camera will provide you with the long-life covert video surveillance that you need.

One of the most amazing features of this camera is its battery life – up to 3 YEARS of standby battery life on a single charge, with up to 60 total hours of continuous recording. This is unmatched by any other hidden camera on the market, and can provide you wit the long-term video surveillance that you need. Just insert a memory card, connect the battery, and the camera is ready to provide you with 24/7 monitoring no matter where you need it.


Long Life Operation – As mentioned earlier, the high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides the Electrical Box Hidden Camera with up to 3 years of standby battery life on a single charge. This means that the camera can be sitting in “standby” waiting for motion to occur to start recording for up to 3 years. On a full charge, that translates into approximately up to 60 total hours of actual recording.

Optional Night Vision – Our most popular version of the electrical box hidden camera is the version with the optional night vision upgrade. This feature allows the camera to see in 100% total darkness, so even if the lights out, you will still be able to monitor your yard, construction site, warehouse, or wherever you need hidden camera video surveillance. Unlike many night vision cameras, the IR sensors are totally invisible, so there is no “red glow” that would alert someone that there is a camera nearby.

Adjustable Settings – There are over a dozen adjustable recording settings that you can adjust to get the exact type of recorded video that you are looking for. Adjust the resolution, frame rate, video quality, and much more. You can also adjust the time/date stamp, the overwrite feature, and the motion detection sensitivity. No other hidden camera gives you this much control over your recording!

PC and Mac Compatible – Videos are recorded to a universal format (AVI), which can be played back on any PC or Mac computer. Your recorded videos can be transferred to your computer, emailed, or even uploaded to YouTube.

Video Playback on Your TV – Included with the Electrical Box Hidden Camera is an RCA connection cable that allows you to connect the camera directly to any TV with standard RCA inputs. While the camera is connected to your TV, you can adjust the settings, and even view the playback – without any computer intervention needed!


When you need covert video surveillance indoors or out, the Electrical Box Hidden Camera is one of the most feature rich cameras on the market. Its ability to blend in to any environment makes it the perfect hidden video camera for residential, commercial, or government use. With its long life battery of up to 3 years of operation, this camera is truly a “set it and forget it” hidden camera.

Aug 22

Product Spotlight: Cell Phone Call Recorder for iPhone Android and Blackberry Cell Phones

Today’s product spotlight features the Cell Phone Call Recorder for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry cell phones. This revolutionary product is the first of its kind to record both sides of your cell phone conversation. Using this device is simply – just plug it into the headphone jack and place your call. When you’re ready to record the conversation, flip the switch into the “on” position – it’s that easy!


Cell Phone Call RecodingMany people have been asking us for years for a product to record cell phone conversations. As easy as it sounds, it turns out that it’s really not that easy. The issue is that different states have different laws on whether one-party or two-party consent is required to record a phone call (ie. whether just one side must be aware of the recording, or if both must be aware). Because of this, phone manufacturers don’t usually allow applications to run on their devices to record calls.

The nice thing about this new Cell Phone Call Recorder is that it is completely hardware-based, so there are no apps to install on the phone itself, making the recording universal on any phone with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack (including the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones). Recording is started simply by pressing the “on” button on the device, and calls are recorded to 4GB of internal memory – enough to store up to 144 hours of calls. You can then play back the calls easily on your PC or Mac computer, or even on-the-go with the included headphones.


Simple Operation – Using the Cell Phone Call Recorder couldn’t be easier. Installation is a snap – literally – just plug the recorder to your phone’s headphone jack, and it’s ready to go. Make (or receive) your call as normal, and when you’re ready to start recording, just slide the power switch into the “on” position.

PC and Mac Compatible – Recorded conversations are saved to 4GB of internal memory, which can hold up to 144 total hours of recordings. The best part about this recorder is that you can connect it to any PC or Mac computer and listen to the recordings, or transfer them to your computer. Because they are recorded in a standard MP3 format, you can use any standard media player to play them.

On-the-Go Playback – In addition to being able to play back your recordings on your PC or Mac computer, you can also use the included headphones and wired remote to listen to recordings wherever you want.

Universal Compatibility – In addition to working with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones, the Cell Phone Call Recorder will work with ANY cell phone with a standard 3.5mm (headphone) jack.


If you need to quickly and easily record cell phone conversations, the Cell Phone Call Recorder is the ideal recording device. It’s easy to use, and playback is simple. One thing to note, because different states have different laws on recording, be sure to check with your local laws before recording any conversation. One resource to get you started is the website “Can I Tape“, which provides a state-by-state breakdown of recording laws.

Aug 21

Product Spotlight: Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera with Up to 1 Year Battery Life

If you need outdoor surveillance, you need the product in today’s Product Spotlight, the Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera with Up to 1 Year Battery Life. It might look like a regular rock that you’d find in your lawn or garden, but hidden inside is a powerful hidden camera that records motion-activated video. We even have an optional night vision version available that will record even in total darkness! To learn more about this unique hidden spy camera, let’s take a look at the product overview…


Outdoor Rock Hidden CameraThe Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera is designed to blend into any outdoor environment. It uses “body heat” motion activated recording to use very little battery power when it’s not in use, which allows the battery to get an amazing 1 year of standby battery life on a single charge.

Video is recorded to a removable SD card (32GB maximum capacity) that is hidden inside a weather resistant compartment on the bottom of the rock, which gives you easy access to your video. Video will be recorded whenever there is movement nearby, up to 20 feet away. Your video files can then be played back on your PC or Mac, or even directly on your TV or on our optional portable media player. You can even email them or upload them to YouTube!


Covert Operation – This ordinary looking rock will blend in anywhere, whether you need security at home, at an apartment complex, farm, construction site, business, or almost anywhere! It’s ready to go out of the box, just plug the memory card in and charge the camera and the device will start recording whenever motion is detected.

Long Life Battery – Inside the Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera is a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to an entire year (365 days!) of operation on a single charge. That means the camera can sit in standby for up to a year – perfect for both short term or long term use. During that time you’ll be able to get up to 20 total hours of recording – so if (for example) the camera recorded 10 minutes of motion or movement a day, the battery would last approximately 120 days.

Optional Night Vision – Our most popular version of the rock hidden camera is the night vision model. This upgrade allows your rock camera to record in total darkness! This is made possible by 940nm “invisible IR” lights. Unlike most night vision lights, these 940nm lights do not emit any visible light (ie. there is no “red glow” like many night vision cameras). This allows the camera to be totally covert – no one will ever know the camera is recording – except you!

Multiple Playback Options – Another great feature for this hidden camera is the ability to play back your recorded video virtually anywhere! Check out the following playback options:

  • PC or Mac Computer – Easily remove the SD card and insert into any computer for playback
  • Directly on Your TV – Use the included RCA video cables to watch playback right on your TV
  • Portable Video Player – Use the optional LCD Video Player to watch your playback anywhere!


For outdoor covert video surveillance, the Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera with up to 1 Year Battery Life might be one of the most feature-packed cameras we’ve ever carried. With the available night vision upgrade, you can protect your home or business 24 hours a day and capture anyone that might be coming onto your property. With video playback on almost any device, you’ll be able to quickly review recorded video footage, and provide yourself with round the clock surveillance.

Aug 20

Product Spotlight: LawMate 720P HD Hidden Electrical Outlet and Wall Switch Spy Camera

Today’s product spotlight is focused on two products that are functionally identical, with two design models. These products are the LawMate™ 720P HD Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera with 5 Day Battery Life and the LawMate™ 720P HD Wall Light Switch Hidden Camera w/ 5 Day Battery Life:

Electrical Outlet and Wall Switch Hidden Camera


The Outlet Camera and the Switch Camera both have the same components inside, and both operate in the same fashion. They record 720P High Definition color motion-activated video (1280×720 resolution), and both also have the ability to take photos as well. A built-in “body heat” motion activation PIR sensor allows these cameras to get up to 5 days of standby battery life, with up to 4-5 hours of total recording.

Mounting these cameras is easy and takes just a few seconds. Simply use the included 3M mounting tape, and you can stick these cameras anywhere. Video is recorded to a removable micro SD card up to 32GB in capacity, and the videos can be played back on any PC or Mac computer.


Simple Operation – One of the best features of these two cameras is that they are very easy to use. There are no complicated setup menus or configuration. Both cameras do allow you to change a few options, but you can do so easily via the switches on the inside of the device once you remove the cover. You’ll be able to change:

  • Video Resolution (VGA or HD video)
  • Photo or Video Mode (Whether the camera will take video or photos when triggered)
  • Overwrite Mode (Whether or not the camera overwrites the oldest files when card fills up)

PC and Mac Compatible – Because the video is recorded in a standard video format (AVI) and photos are taken in universal JPG format, you’ll be able to view your recorded videos on any type of computer. You can save them to your computer as well, upload them to YouTube, email them, or do anything you want with them. If you don’t have a computer, you can even use the optional LCD Portable Media Player and watch your playback on the 3″ screen just by inserting the memory card.

720P HD Color Video – Unlike many less expensive hidden cameras on the market, the Electrical Outlet and Wall Switch Hidden Cameras feature a high quality HD camera lens that allow you to record clear color HD video. Like all hidden cameras, they unfortunately do not record audio (due to US laws on hidden audio recording), but with crystal clear video like this, you’ll still pick up all of the video evidence you need.

Long 5-Day Standby Battery Life – Another thing that makes this hidden camera unique is that the battery can last in standby mode for up to 5 days. It accomplishes this by using a “body heat” activated motion-detection camera, the most advanced form of motion detection available. You’ll be able to get up to 4-5 hours of total recording on a full charge. Extra batteries are also available so you can just pop a new battery in and not have any down time between charges.


As you can see by the above features, the Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera and the Wall Switch Hidden Camera by LawMate are some of the most advanced hidden cameras on the market. They blend in to almost any environment, home or business, which provide maximum flexibility for covert surveillance. At only $295 each, these cameras represent some of the best value in the spy camera market.

Aug 19

Product Spotlight: LawMate™ AC Adapter Hidden Camera

In today’s review, we’re taking a look at one of our most popular hidden cameras,  the LawMate™ AC Adapter Hidden Camera with Motion Activated Recording. We’ll take a look at the features, common uses, and even talk about the setup and operation.


AC Adapter Hidden CameraThe AC Adapter Camera is an all-in-one “self recording” hidden camera. What this means is that there are no other components or receivers needed for operation – everything happens inside the device itself – both the camera and the recording.

Videos are recorded to an SD card, up to 32GB in capacity. From our testing, the camera records about 60 minutes per GB, so for example if you put an 8GB card in the camera, it could hold approximately 8 hours of video recordings.

Below you’ll find some of the features of what makes the AC Adapter Hidden Camera such an easy to use and powerful camera:


Covert Recording – This camera is very “covert” because there are no indications that it is a camera, or when the camera starts recording. The SD card is even hidden inside the back of the AC adapter so no one will know it’s there either. Plus, everyone has so many AC adapters laying around their home or office, no one will ever even look twice at it!

Easy to Use – One of the best things about the AC Adapter Hidden Camera by LawMate is that it is so easy to use. You can literally take it out of the box, insert a memory card, plug it into the wall – and that’s it! There is no complicated setup or installation. However if you do want to adjust some of the settings, read on to the next feature…

Two Models to Choose From – There are two models to choose from for the AC Adapter Hidden Camera: Standard and Advanced. The Standard model is motion-activated, and records high quality color video at 720×480 resolution. There are no options to configure, it’s truly plug and play. The Advanced model however gives you the ability to adjust several settings, such as the file length and video quality. With the advanced model you can even switch between motion-activated recording and continuous recording. Finally, the Advanced model also adds a time and date stamp to the video.

PC and Mac Compatible – Many hidden cameras on the market only work with Windows-based computers, but the AC Adapter camera records in a universal AVI file format that is playable on both Windows and Mac computers.

Video Playback on Your TV – With the Advanced model, in addition to being able to view the playback on your computer, you also get the ability to connect the camera to your TV to adjust settings and view your video playback. So if you don’t have a computer handy, use the included RCA cables to watch on your TV.


Overall it’s not hard to see why the AC Adapter Hidden Camera is one our most popular hidden cameras. With it’s ease of use, combined with the high quality video and the ability to choose between two models, the AC Adapter Hidden Camera by LawMate is the perfect hidden camera for home or business use.

Feb 11

Clearlight Security is an Authorized LawMate™ Technology Distributor

When you are looking for the best in security and surveillance equipment, you are looking for LawMate™.

LawMate™ brand products are known and trusted by law enforcement officials, private investigators, and consumers throughout the world.

Manufacturing everything from hidden cameras, to portable DVRs, to counter-surveillance products as well as voice recorders, LawMate™ makes some of the best quality devices on the market.

For more information on the various LawMate™ brand products we carry, visit the LawMate™ Security and Surveillance Equipment page.